20. YLC How to improve your childs maths skills at the preschool stage

How to improve your child’s maths skills at the preschool stage

Everybody needs to know the basics of mathematics. It is important for everyone. A basic knowledge of addition and subtraction and calculation is needed by everyone. But to be sound in calculations, you must have a good knowledge of numbers. The knowledge of numeracy has to be inculcated in an individual from a very young age. This task of teaching the child the basics of mathematics is vested upon the shoulders of the parents. Primary mathematics tuition in Singapore helps children to develop their initial knowledge if mathematics. Some of the reasons to develop the basic knowledge of maths are listed below:

A good knowledge in mathematics means you can think logically

The ability to solve problems also improves with a sound knowledge of mathematics

As the child grows, the child can keep a better tab on one’s expenses and calculate one’s expenses and savings accordingly. This makes the child a more responsible adult in the long run

Having a better knowledge of mathematics means your child is technologically advanced. This is possible as nowadays children are well accustomed to phones and calculators from the time they are toddlers

Improving the child’s maths skills at preschool stage:

From the preschool stage the child is taught the basics of numeracy, so that they can apply the knowledge of mathematics in all spheres of life in the long run. There are several factors that you must keep in mind while teaching your child mathematics ate a very young age:

Firstly, understand the child’s aptitude towards mathematics. If the child is not ready to learn the subject, be more patient with the child.

Secondly, ensure the child feels confident that he or she can master the ability to solve problems

Thirdly, make sure that the mathematical concepts are clear to the child. Primary mathematics tuition in Singapore help in making these concepts clear.

Practice the following daily activities to make the child inculcate mathematics in his or her daily life:

Make the child count his or her toes and fingers and also toys

Let the child decide how many slices of bread the child will have for breakfast

Make the child recognize numbers in daily objects like clocks, phones and remote controls

Following these steps will improve the mathematical skills of the child from the preschool stage.

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