Tipping Etiquette To Follow While Tipping Your Shuttle Driver

Airport shuttle services are very important for traveling due to their reliability and comfort level. They are also affordable and provide value for money services. Airport shuttle services are very handy due to the various services they provide. Moreover the drivers are very able in helping the passengers with their needs. The drivers help with luggage handling as well as in using the airport services. They are also knowledgeable about the place and can provide tips for your various needs in the neighborhood. They even help you check into the hotels if need be. So when it comes to tipping your shuttle drivers there are certain things to follow and things to check. The shuttle service Melbourne airport transfers door to door, making the drivers very reliable.


The standard porter charges are usually 1 USD. But, depending on the weight of the luggage it’s up to the passengers to increase the tip. Since the airport shuttle service drivers pick you up from inside the airport as well as carrying your bags to the car, it is advisable to tip them above the standard rate. The special services such as this warrant extra charges even though you are not required to do it. The company usually covers all this expense.

Tip on fare

The airport shuttle services provide drivers who help you check into the hotels if you are new to the place. The normal rate of tipping your driver is 10 to 15 percent of your total fare. In case you take a shuttle with multiple people it is advisable to tip the driver 2 USD per passenger you are with. This is the normal tipping etiquette followed. While in the hotel you can tip the bellboy for carrying your luggage around 2 USD. Sometime the drivers provide you with special information about concerts or even provide tickets to exclusive shows which can be tipped anywhere from 5 to 10 USD.

Guide tip

In case the airport shuttle provides you a driver who can double as a guide it is best to tip him both the driver and guide tips. Tips make them happy which in turn means better service to you. The chances of getting more out of their service are high when you are a generous tipper. Usually the drivers’ tips are covered by the shuttle company making tipping voluntary.

Opening the Gateway to the Middle East

Language, acts as both means of connection and dissociation. Language can be both a help and a hindrance-knowing a language that is commonly spoken by everyone can connect you to the people of that region, similarly, ignorance of that same language can make you an alien in that region. Thus knowledge of several languages can not only be a means of personal growth but also a means of making oneself more accessible to the rest of the world, thereby being a true global citizen, where the world is a part of you and you are a part of the world.

The Middle East of the past

For a long time Middle East was much secluded from the global scene. It was partially due to linguistic barriers. However, it did not take the world long to understand that Middle East is rich in oil reserves and minerals and has the potential of becoming a commercial giant. Thus it became important to find a gateway to the Middle East. In order to do knowing their language is imperative.

In Asia Singapore is a fast growing commercial city. It has tremendous scope for industrial growth. From all over the world, industries invest in Singapore. Even the Middle Eastern corporate houses have their offices there. Thus the people of that city has to know Arabic for their professional growth.

In order to facilitate the knowledge of Arabic language Arabic classes in Singapore are held by various institutions. Even for institutions that have had a history of making people proficient in foreign languages, Arabic is relatively new. However, they are doing pretty well in order to make Arabic a mainstream language as Middle East, along with the Western countries is rising fast in the industrial ladder of growth and will soon be at the zenith.

Arabic in Singapore

Arabic classes in Singapore is crucial for Singaporeans as in order to be recognized in the global market. Thus for Singapore to grow and evolve as an industrial hub, along with other languages it will also have to adopt and adapt to Arabic language. I this manner Singapore will attract more investors from Middle East and even find a gateway to the Middle Eastern markets. This will not only be beneficial for the two territories but will also be of advantage to the rest to of the world as if two commercially powerful regions decide to join hands, it will definitely add and enhance the world economy as a whole.